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The Most Important Summer Foot Care Tips To Know

The Most Important Summer Foot Care Tips To Know
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The Most Important Summer Foot Care Tips To Know

With summer around the corner, you might have your mind on the pool, beach, or other outdoor activities. Of course, that means you’ll be using your feet a lot. And they’ll be exposed to the sun, the gazes of strangers, and more.

So in this article, let’s talk about some great ways you can take care of your feet so they look and feel great all summer long.

And if you have further questions, always speak with a foot doctor in Marietta first.

How To Take Care Of Feet In Summer

Wear Shoes

Your feet can suffer injuries from metal objects or broken glass. Additionally, sunburn, athlete’s foot, ringworm, plantar warts, or other hazards. If in a locker room, consider wearing flip-flops.

Use SPF Sunscreen

Use waterproof sunscreen on the top of your feet and reapply it occasionally. Tanned, but not burned, is the secret for pretty summer feet.

Dry Your Shoes

Don’t put on flip-flops or shoes again until they’re completely dried out. This is especially true if you’ve just been to the pool or the beach. Otherwise, fungal infections can occur.

Move Your Ankles And Toes

You want to promote as much blood flow as possible in your feet, ankles, and toes. Try doing “circle” movements every day, moving your toes and feet to keep them healthy and pretty.

Stay Hydrated

Wondering ​​how to keep feet moisturized in summer? Your feet can swell and dry if you get dehydrated. Drink plenty of water and consider electrolyte-based beverages like Gatorade.

Aim For Cleanliness

When showering or bathing, wash your feet from top to bottom. Make sure to scrub your feet with a loofah or towel. Get the spaces between your toes as well. Then be sure to dry your feet so that fungus cannot grow.

Look For Signs Of Damage

If your feet are cracked, dry, or peeling, then you could have a skin condition on your feet. It could also be Athlete’s Foot or even due to diabetes if they’re swelling. So if you notice any irregularities, consult a podiatrist as soon as possible. There are several foot issues you shouldn’t try to fix yourself.

Use Perspiration Wicking Footwear

Socks and shoes that wick away sweat are better than those made from cotton or wool. Let your feet breathe during the hot summer, and you’ll eliminate most problems that might arise.


You can use a foot scrub for exfoliation. This keeps your feet clean of debris, bacteria, and fungi. And it’s one of the most underrated tips for how to care for feet in summer.

Consider A Foot Massage

A foot massage can help promote blood flow and reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling.


Use oil or other moisturizers to keep your feet looking great all summer long. Moisturizing is something that all your skin deserves, not just your upper body.

See A Podiatrist In Marietta For Premium Foot Care

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia. We can diagnose and treat any foot or ankle condition that you might have. No matter your age or physical condition, you deserve to feel your best.

We’ll exhaust every option before considering surgery — allowing you to achieve the lifestyle, foot comfort, and aesthetics that you desire.

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