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Then turn to the Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia. Our podiatrists are well versed in all conditions related to the ankles and feet, and will be able to deliver the treatment you need with approaches that are tailored to you.

Your Feet Work Hard; Treat Them Right

Which part of your body works the hardest for you? Here at Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute, our vote goes to your feet. They support you throughout your day, get you to where you need to be, and are frequently put at risk for injury. That’s why most people experience foot or ankle pain at least once in their lives.


The Roswell podiatrists at Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute focus on delivering top-notch care to all their patients. We provide everyone with comprehensive examinations, order the correct diagnostics, and offer the support each patient needs to achieve optimal health and mobility.

Comprehensive Treatment

The feet and ankles are incredibly complex, with many moving parts and plenty of potential for things to go wrong. Whether you need a routine exam, a little help with a persistent fungal infection, physical therapy, or surgery for a sports injury, our Roswell podiatry team can offer it all. If it’s a condition of the feet or ankles, we treat it.

Podiatry Services at Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute:

Paying for Your Roswell Podiatry Treatment

If you have concerns about affording podiatry in Roswell, don’t write off treatment just yet. We accept insurance from most major providers. Our goal is to eliminate any barriers stopping you from making us your podiatrist in Roswell.


Insurance Carriers We Work With

If you have any concerns about your insurance coverage for podiatry services, allow us to help. You can call us in advance with your insurance information so we can verify your coverage limits.

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Do you have questions about insurance coverage for your podiatry treatment? Then allow us to help. Just give us a call and pass along your insurance information so we can determine the limits of your coverage.

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If you would like to schedule an appointment with a board-certified Roswell podiatrist at Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute, please contact us at 678 679 3300. Our office is located at 3535 Roswell Rd, Suite 54, Marietta, GA 30062.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Podiatry in Roswell

Not necessarily. However, your insurance might require you to have a referral before they will cover you seeing a Roswell podiatrist. You should verify with your insurance provider what their requirements are for seeing specialists.

We think there is always value in seeing a foot doctor in Roswell, even if you think your feet are in overall good health. In many cases, major health concerns first present in the feet, sometimes in ways that the patient themselves cannot pick up on.

Podiatrists can diagnose conditions related to the feet and ankles. This covers everything from the joints to the skin to the nails. If it involves the feet and ankles, we can help you with it. We also can let you know if we see signs of other conditions, such as diabetes, though we cannot diagnose them.

We usually treat this with either topical or oral medications, and sometimes a combination of both. However, the approach we take depends on the type of fungus, how extensive it is, and your overall health.