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Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia is a podiatry practice in Marietta, GA providing comprehensive, personalized, high-quality, cost-effective care to patients with disorders of the foot and ankle as well as injuries of the lower extremity.

Dr. Fui Dawson is a Harvard trained Foot & Ankle Specialist treating patients in Marietta, GA, and surrounding communities.

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3535 Roswell Rd, Suite 54, Marietta, GA 30062

Your Trusted Podiatrist in Marietta

Your Trusted Podiatrist in Marietta

At the Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia, we connect you with the most advanced surgical and nonsurgical solutions for foot and ankle pain and injuries. We utilize safe, effective treatments which aim to address the underlying causes of your pain, getting you back on your feet and back to your life.


Led by Dr. Fui Dawson, we deliver the highest quality of podiatry care in Marietta. We understand how important having a receptive and caring East Cobb podiatrist is to your health, and our team will help you find the best path towards your podiatric health goals. When you work with the Marietta foot doctors at Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia, you get the individualized approach you deserve.

A Foot Doctor You Can Rely On

Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia is the practice of the premier foot doctor of Marietta, GA—Dr. Fui Dawson. He and his team specialize in diagnosing and treating all conditions related to the foot and ankle. Whether you are old or young, suffering from a sports injury, or the side effects of diabetes, our practice is one you can count on.


For our treatments and care, we take a conservative approach. Surgery comes only after exhausting all other viable options and only when you feel the trade-off for an improved quality of life is worth it. We embrace a variety of approaches including physical therapy, lifestyle changes, and other innovative options that can improve your foot and ankle health without the recovery period and risks associated with surgical procedures.


In addition to offering a full slate of podiatry services, our Marietta podiatry team maintains a warm and welcoming environment that ensures your comfort. We respect your time and will give you our undivided attention during your appointments – answering your questions and resolving your concerns. Make us your foot doctor in Marietta.

A Foot Doctor in Marietta You Can Rely On
We treat the following conditions

Our Specialized Services

We’re happy to help you learn more about your issues and obtain the relief you need to live comfortably. Don’t spend another day with foot or ankle pain and discomfort!.

A bunion is a foot deformity that occurs when instability in the great toe joint occurs such that the great toe begins to drift towards the second toe.

In a hammertoe, the toe will appear “hammered” when the 1st and second joints within the same toe are both contracted or bent.

condition in which the sheath surrounding the achilles tendon gets inflamed, causing pain at the back of the ankle. This normally results from athletic activities of achilles tendon overuse.

Adult acquired flat foot can be caused by a variety of conditions such as damage to posterior tibial tendon, diabetic neuropathic arthropathy, arthritis and traumatic injury to the foot.

Chronic lateral ankle pain occurs when repeated sprained ankles do not completely resolve. This discomfort occurs on the outer portion of the ankle and can be painful when trying to walk or run.

Rupture of the achilles tendon can occur from direct trauma to the achilles tendon or indirectly as a result of sudden deceleration force while engaged in sporting activities.

we specialize in helping athletes learn more about their foot and ankle pain. Whether your condition is new or old we diagnose and treat a wide variety of podiatric concerns.

A fracture is a break or a crack in a bone. A fracture occurs when force exerted against a bone is stronger than the bone can structurally withstand.

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) is a common condition which involves narrowing of arteries to reduce blood flow to vital organs, legs and feet. This can cause heavy feeling, sluggishness and leg pain.

Ankle sprain can result from tripping, slipping while walking,jumping, exercising. Ankle sprains occur as a result of stretching or tearing of the outer ankle ligaments.outer ankle ligaments are generally not strong as the inner ankle ligaments.

This is a condition that results from tightening of the heel cord or Achilles tendon and the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia connects your heel bone to all five toes.

Looking for a Podiatrist in Marietta, GA?
We are here to help!

Looking for a Podiatrist in Marietta, GA?

Our goal is to provide you with the most comfortable office experience possible. We are located in Marietta, GA, and treat a variety of surgical and nonsurgical foot and ankle disorders.


We invite you to explore the comprehensive list of conditions we treat, including foot pain, heel pain, ankle pain, bunions, hammertoes, flatfoot, diabeties-related foot conditions, and tendonitis. In addition, we offer orthotics customized to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Ankle Pain
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Meet Dr. Fui Dawson

Our Marietta Podiatrist

Meet Dr. Fui Dawson

Dr. Fui Dawson – Podiatrist in Marietta, GA

If you are searching for a great podiatrist in Marietta, GA, you should meet Dr. Fui Dawson DPM, FACFAS, a leading Board-Certified Podiatrist. Patients visiting Dr. Dawson receive a full range of foot & ankle services.


He provides evaluation and treatment for foot & ankle pathologies such as bunions, hammertoes, foot & ankle arthritis, flatfoot deformity, ankle injuries, Achilles tendon injuries, plantar fasciitis, and stress fractures, among others. Learn more about Dr. Dawson doctor here.

We are happy to help you!

Specialized Podiatry Foot & Ankle Care

Flexible Payment Options

Need foot and ankle care, but feel you cannot afford it? We have options for you!

Care Credit – Flexible Payment Option for Foot & Ankle Treatments. Our podiatry group provides a variety of flexible payment options so that patients in Marietta and surrounding areas can get the care they need. We also offer a 40% discount for self-pay patients. Contact us to discuss your unique situation, and we’ll see how we can help!

Same Day Appointments

Care when you need it

Same Day Podiatrist Appointments Available in Marietta, GA


Our clinic is conveniently located in Marietta, GA, and serves patients throughout Marietta and the surrounding areas. We can typically see you within a few days, and can often provide same-day appointments. Visit our Marietta office – Book an appointment now!


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Yes! While you may not want to schedule a doctor’s appointment for complex toenail trimming (thick due to fungus growth, chronic ingrown nails), turning to an expert may get you the best possible results.

We suggest that anything related to the foot or ankle be treated by a podiatrist. There are so many bones, ligaments, and muscles in this area of the body that even minor issues benefit greatly from you seeing an expert.

You should make a list of questions and concerns you want to address, as well as your symptoms. This will help you communicate clearly even if you get a bit overwhelmed. Other than this, there is nothing special most patients will need to do.

This all depends on your needs! At the very least, they perform a detailed examination. However, there are many treatments and approaches that can be used.