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Foot Injuries You Shouldn’t Treat Yourself: When to Call the Foot Doctor

Foot Injuries You Shouldn’t Treat Yourself: When to Call the Foot Doctor
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Foot Injuries You Shouldn’t Treat Yourself: When to Call the Foot Doctor

Most of us try to avoid going to the doctor if we can help it. We try natural home remedies to heal aches, pains, and illnesses. It’s only when we have some inexplicable symptom or we’re in excruciating pain we’re willing to pick up the phone and make an appointment.

This is understandable. We all know how busy doctors are and wouldn’t want to take up their time with every “little thing.” And if we’re being honest, not going to the doctor can save us some time and money.

However, there are certain conditions in which many people avoid going to the doctor when they shouldn’t. It happens all the time with foot conditions. A person thinks they can just deal with the pain, injury, or weird toenail color on their own.

The fact of the matter is there are several conditions which require the attention of a medical practitioner. We’re going to discuss a few of them today so you know when it’s time to call your foot doctor.

Call Your Foot Doctor If You Have Any of These 6 Conditions

If you have these symptoms or conditions, give us a call right away.

1. Severe Pain or Swelling

Pain and swelling can be the result of a sprain or something more serious, like a broken bone or arthritis. Some of our patients experience pain in the middle of their foot and attribute it to a sprain. Sometimes, though, it can be a tear in one of their ligaments which if left undiagnosed, could result in instability in the area and further damage.

2. An Open Wound

An open wound can result from stepping on a piece of glass, a nail or an open blister. For a person with diabetes, It’s vital such a wound be treated by a professional. We will evaluate the wound and treat it to prevent an infection, which can severely damage your foot.

3. You Have a Fever

A fever of over 100 degrees F, or heat around a wound or swollen area of your foot, is a sure sign of infection. You need to have your foot evaluated right away, not just to protect your foot, but to protect the rest of your body from the infection as well.

4. The Pain or Discomfort is Affecting Your Daily Life

Sometimes, we injure a part of our body and just try to deal with it. We reason the pain will go away eventually and we just need to suck it up for a few days. But then the pain doesn’t go away. What should you do then?

If you have pain which is getting in the way of your everyday activities, it’s time to see a foot doctor. Persistent pain is oftentimes a sign there is a problematic underlying condition which needs to be diagnosed and treated.

5. Pain When You Elevate Your Feet

Do you have pain when you lie down or put your feet up in a reclining chair? Does it go away when you lower your feet again?

If so, you may have a blood flow issue, or even peripheral artery disease. You should make appointments to see both your foot doctor and your general practitioner.

6. You’re Diabetic

Actually, you should start seeing your foot doctor if you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, regardless of whether you have pain or not.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of foot pain and amputations. If diabetes isn’t kept in check, it can cause horrible nerve pain. Eventually, some patients experience numbness in their feet, which can be dangerous. If they experience a foot injury, they might not be aware of it because of the numbness. The injury can then become so severe permanent damage is done.

We can help you take care of your feet so you’re less likely to experience this sad situation.

Team Up with a Foot Doctor to Keep Your Feet Healthy for a Lifetime

Because our feet are so precious, we should do all we can to keep them healthy and in good working order.

This is why a visit to a local foot doctor is so important, especially if you experience an injury.

If you do experience an injury or just want more information about what you can do to keep your feet healthy, Visiting a podiatrist in Marietta is your best course of action, so don’t wait long; contact us now.

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