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Pain In The Ball Of Your Foot When Walking? Here’s Why

Pain In The Ball Of Your Foot When Walking? Here’s Why
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Pain In The Ball Of Your Foot When Walking? Here’s Why

If you have sharp pain in the ball of your foot or anything similar in your lower extremities, it can be quite difficult to get around. Of course, this is especially since your foot is used in every motion.

After all, no matter what you do, you need to use your feet to walk, run, and even get in and out of bed. So if the ball of your foot hurts when walking, it’s incredibly debilitating.

In this article, let’s answer “Why does the ball of my foot hurt?” That way, you can take the right approach to getting relief.

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What Is Ball Of Foot Pain?

First of all, the ball of your foot is the area between your toes and your arch. This is where your metatarsal bones are.

Your weight is typically transferred from the heel to the ball of your foot. If you have an uneven transfer of weight, you can have metatarsal strain. This can cause pain and swelling in that area.

Symptoms Of Foot Pain In The Ball Of Your Foot

  • You can have an unusual sensation in your toes
  • You might have pain when you walk, run, or stand
  • The pain may get worse over time
  • You can have burning, aching, or sharp pains
  • Sometimes you might have calluses in that area

Why Do The Balls Of My Feet Hurt?

In order to know how to stop balls of feet hurting, we need to know the causes first.

One of the main causes of pain in the ball of your foot is age. As you age, your foot pad simply decreases in size. Other abnormalities can become common in people that are older as well, such as hammer toes.

You can also have high arches, which means that you have a second toe that’s larger than your big toe. This causes you to put more weight on the ball of your foot as well.

Additional Reasons For Ball Of Foot Pain

Other causes of ball of foot pain are rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, and long periods of standing or walking. Also lifestyle realities, such as being overweight or having previous injuries can affect your foot pain.

That’s why foot pain is not all equal. In other words, what may be a minor inconvenience for somebody else could be representative of a deeper issue for someone else. So you should always see a doctor if you have any type of foot pain.

Now that we know some common answers to “Why does the pad of my foot hurt?” Let’s talk about relieving the pain.

Get Foot Pain Relief Today

Reach out to the experts at the Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia. Our podiatrist in Marietta can reconstruct your foot or ankle with surgery.

We can also provide holistic therapy to ensure you’re as comfortable and healthy as possible going forward. So don’t hesitate, contact us for a free appointment today.

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