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Peripheral Artery Disease

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Peripheral Artery Disease

The circulatory system is made up of arteries, veins and capillaries. Just as the heart vessels become blocked with plaque which reduces blood flow and oxygen to the heart and results in chest pains or heart attack, so do the arteries in feet & legs. This condition is called peripheral artery disease.


Peripheral artery disease is a condition that reduces blood flow to the legs. This causes several problems such as delayed wound healing, cold, insensate feet, or possible infection. Risk factors for peripheral artery disease include diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, and cholesterol to name a few. In fact most patients with long standing uncontrolled diabetes may suffer from PAD, putting them at risk for foot ulcers, infections and amputations.


Losing weight, healthy eating, smoking cessation will assist in reducing your risk for peripheral artery disease. If you have a wound that fails to heal in a timely manner, or if you have calf pain during walking, you may want to get tested to determine whether you have peripheral artery disease, in order to pursue appropriate treatment.  Contact a qualified health professional for a complete evaluation of your symptoms.