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Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain Marietta and East Cobb, GA

Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain
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About Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain

Your feet do the walking, but it is your ankle that is key to your mobility. So, when you start experiencing chronic lateral ankle pain in Marietta, it is incredibly concerning. Not only is pain never good, but this has the potential to limit your range of motion and ability to live your life.

What Is Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain?

Peripheral artery disease, or PAD, is a medical condition where the arteries narrow, limiting blood flow to the legs and feet—and even your vital organs. The result is that tingling feeling we associate with our limbs “falling asleep,” as well as pain and limited range of motion. Other symptoms of peripheral artery disease include problems with the organs and sexual dysfunction in both men and women. Anyone can develop PAD. However, some are at a greater risk than others. These include those with diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, as well as those who are obese or smoke.

When Should You Be Screened for PAD?

The causes behind chronic lateral ankle pain can be situational—such as wearing the wrong shoes—genetic, or related to a specific injury or series of injuries. While the most common cause of chronic lateral ankle pain is incomplete healing after a sprain, the following could lead to this condition as well:

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Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain in Marietta and East Cobb, GA

If you have chronic lateral ankle pain in East Cobb, it’s time to get the underlying cause diagnosed. The first step in making a diagnosis is sitting down with a podiatrist in Marietta, GA and giving them the details on your symptoms and medical history. This means disclosing previous ankle injuries, how it was treated, how long you’ve experienced pain, and what seems to make the pain worse or better.

There are many factors that can contribute to chronic lateral ankle pain, so an exact diagnosis may require a number of tests and examinations, as well as diagnostic imaging, like x-rays and CT scans. Once they better understand your condition, your podiatrists will come up with a treatment plan. This can include physical therapy, custom orthotics, pain medication, and even surgery.

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FAQ's About Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain in Marietta and East Cobb, GA

The precise treatment for chronic lateral ankle pain depends on the underlying cause and its severity. Our goal is to use the least-invasive approach possible. So, we tend to start with physical therapy and orthotics but will move on to injections and surgery if needed.

Not always. Sometimes, physical therapy and orthotics are enough to stabilize the ankle and prevent future injuries. However, if surgery is needed, this is not something to stress over. While recovery can be difficult, we use proven methods in our procedures that deliver excellent results.

You cannot know without speaking with a podiatrist. In some cases, other methods can resolve issues without the need for anything invasive. We can complete a comprehensive examination and run the diagnostics needed to determine what is best for you.

This is highly individual. Some people find that a month or so of physical therapy and orthotics is all that is needed. Others will require months of work to reach a point of comfort. Our advice is to be patient and take things as they come.

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