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Nerve Entrapment: Sural Nerve & Deep Peroneal Nerve

Nerve Entrapment: Sural Nerve & Deep Peroneal Nerve
Meet Dr. Fui Dawson

You’ve probably never given your sural nerve or deep peroneal nerve a moment’s thought. That

is unless they’ve announced themselves with pain or discomfort, causing them to be top of mind.

The sural nerve runs along the calf, down through the foot and into the small toe. It provides

sensation for the fourth and fifth toes. The deep peroneal nerve runs along the shin and divides

into two branches, lateral and medial. It runs down into the web space of the first and second

toes. When pain in these areas demands attention call on Our Atlanta podiatrist for expert help.

We specialize in common, as well as little known conditions of the feet and ankle.

Sural nerve entrapment


Sural nerve entrapment can result from irritation that comes with ill-fitting shoes. The condition

may also result if the nerve becomes entrapped by scar tissue. Achilles tendon surgery is the

likely culprit here. Symptoms include pain, burning and tingling in the feet and legs. Pain may

worsen with some activities. Sural nerve entrapment may impact gait and balance. It is important

to consult our Atlanta podiatrist for evaluation of symptoms that last more than a few days.


In most cases home treatment such as icing and over the counter anti-inflammatories brings

relief. Of course, it is also important to refrain from wearing any shoes or boots that cause

irritation or aggravate the condition. When the problem is scar tissue holding up the nerve,

injections or physical therapy can be helpful for removing the scar tissue and freeing the nerve. If

there is no improvement our Atlanta podiatrist can talk with you about surgical options, such as

removal. The sural nerve is among the most commonly grafted nerve. When it is removed other

nerves extend their reach to restore any lost function or sensation to the area.

Deep peroneal nerve


Deep peroneal nerve entrapment can result from trauma such as a fracture, ill-fitting boots or

undue pressure on the legs. Symptoms include difficulty walking, loss of sensation, weakness in

the ankles and numbness or tingling in the feet or legs. Again, it is important to seek treatment.

In time the condition can lead to atrophy or loss of muscle control of the foot muscles.


Our Atlanta podiatrist may recommend over the counter pain relievers, orthotic devices such as

braces or physical therapy. If the condition does not improve we can help you understand

surgical options and decide if one is right for you.

We believe that every condition of the foot and ankle deserves expert, individual care. Our

Atlanta podiatrist takes the time to understand your medical history, related activities and any

symptoms. There is no one size fits all approach to effective podiatry. So whether you are

managing the pain of sural nerve entrapment, deep peroneal nerve entrapment or anything else

our goal is to help you feel better fast. You probably don’t give your feet much thought until

there is a problem. Let us keep you on your feet and keep your feet off your mind. Contact The Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia to get in touch with a qualified podiatrist in Marietta.

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