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Nerve Entrapment: Superficial Peroneal Nerve And Tarsal Tunnel System

Nerve Entrapment: Superficial Peroneal Nerve And Tarsal Tunnel System
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Nerve entrapment is the term used to describe the problem of direct pressure on, or compression

of, a nerve. Such conditions are highly treatable, especially when addressed in the early stages.

Our Atlanta podiatrist is here to help. Nerve entrapment can cause pain and burning as well as

loss of feeling and flexibility. Don’t live with discomfort, call us today.

Superficial peroneal nerve entrapment

Superficial peroneal nerve entrapment is one of a number of nerve entrapment syndromes that

can affect the lower extremity. This nerve is located in the lateral compartment of the leg or part

of the leg concerned with turning the sole of the foot outward. The foot and ankle are primarily

impacted by the compression.

Common causes related to trauma include:

  • Stretch injuries associated with frequent ankle sprains.
  • Complications from procedures such as ankle arthroscopy
  • Injury to the ankle

Treatment options

Symptoms include pain (may become worse with activity), numbness and tingling. Following

your diagnosis, our Atlanta podiatrist will recommend a conservative treatment plan such as rest

from activities, heat and ice to the affected area, anti-inflammatory medications to reduce

swelling and exercise to improve flexibility as well as strengthen the affected area. You should

also avoid wearing boots or shoes that are too tight.

If you do not experience relief with non-surgical treatments, you may want to consider surgery.

Surgical decompression generally leads to symptom free relief of the problem. We will discuss

your concerns and give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Tarsal tunnel system

Tarsal tunnel system is usually caused by entrapment of the posterior tibial nerve, which runs

along the shin and down to the heel of the foot.


The condition is related to injury or can result from other problems such as ankle sprain, flat feet,

nerve compression stemming from complication of diabetes, and varicose veins or swelling that

may cause the nerve to become compressed.


Symptoms include numbness, tingling and/or shooting pain in the foot. Our Atlanta podiatrist

can help you find relief. To diagnose problems of the foot or ankle we begin with a

comprehensive exam to understand your presenting symptoms and medical history. In some

cases a nerve conduction study or imaging may be required.

Treatment options

Treatment options include anti-inflammatory medications or injections to relieve any swelling at

the source of the problem. We may also recommend bracing to relieve pressure. Many cases

respond to these conservative measures. If there is no relief our Atlanta podiatrist will work with

you to understand surgical options such as tarsal tunnel release and decide if this is the right

option for you.

If you have experienced any changes in range of motion or pain in your feet or ankles, please call

our Atlanta podiatrist today. We will schedule a convenient appointment and provide expert care

so you can back to the activities you love as soon as possible.

Contact The Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia to get in touch with a qualified podiatrist in Marietta.

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