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What Are The Most Common Foot Problems In Children?

What Are The Most Common Foot Problems In Children?
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Foot Problems in Children- Learning the Most Common Ones

People usually think that older people struggle with foot problems. However, teens and children are also at a high risk of developing foot conditions. For example, foot pain in children is quite common among these groups.

You will find a child complaining of foot painfor various reasons. It can be due to a physical injury, weakness, or another health-related issue.

However, foot pain in kidsis a significant concern and can lead to prolonged issues. Let’s talk about the most common foot problems in children.

Common Foot Problems in Children

Following are the main reasons why children might develop foot problems at a younger age:

Foot Pain

Children lead a much more active life compared to adults. Their routines include sports, after-school events, extra-curricular activities, etc., which can all cause child foot pain on top of the foot.

However, child foot pain bottom of the footis also a common concern, especially for children with a flat feet. The issue is that most children prefer to ignore the pain and go about their daily life activities, which coul make their condition worse.

Flexible Flatfoot

The flexible flatfoot is a common foot problems for children worldwide, usually affecting both feet. It is one of the most prevalent foot problems in children,as the arch on their feet disappears when they stand and reappears when they sit.

However, if the flexible flatfoot doesn’t get better by age 5, you will need professional help. Parents need to find a good doctor and get custom shoes for additional support. It helps ease the pain and cramps in the feet, allowing their feet to re-adjust faster.

It’s best to contact a professional such as a podiatrist in Marietta if your child stops playing or faces other flatfoot-related issues.

Ingrown Toe Nails

Ingrowth is when foot nail grow into the skin around the toe. The condition is most familiar with the toenail and can cause immense discomfort, redness and infection. The child may also experience swelling around their foot, making it one of the most complicated kid’s foot problems.Soaking the child’s feet in hot water is one of many to fix these issues.

Bottom Line

Foot problems in kids are fairly common and usually get better with age. However, foot problems in childhood or foot problems in toddlerscan last a lifetime if parents do not handle them correctly. We are sure that understanding the causes of foot pain in childand their treatments from a professional will help your child feel better. If you are still worried about How to prevent foot pain, the 6 effective tips mentioned here can help you ease your child’s pain.

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