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What Are Some Foot Exercises For Bunions?

What Are Some Foot Exercises For Bunions?
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Foot Exercises Bunions: What you should start doing today!

Bunions are a foot deformity that occurs due to muscle-tendon imbalance, in the calf and foot as well. One of the main reasons why bunions form is because of tight footwear and narrow shoes, making it especially common among women.

Most female shoes have a tiny front, which suffocates the foot inside. Bunions foot can worsen over time because of consistent stress.

However, there are some foot exercises for bunions that can help. The most common ones include bunion stretcheswhich are great to increase foot tendon mobility. Let’s talk about these exercises in further detail.

Best Foot Exercises for Bunions

Following are some of the best everyday exercises to help people with their bunions.

Big Toe Circles

The first exercise on the list is the simplest one and can help you once you have learned what you need to know about painful bunions. It is especially helpful for patients suffering from extreme pain in their feet while walking.

All they have to do is slowly rotate their big toe in circles 20 times while sitting down. Then, repeat the same exercise in the opposite direction. It is one of the best foot exercises for bunions and can help relieve pain.

Foot Curl and Point

People with bunions should curl their feet while facing the toe towards the ground. Maintaining a 6-inch distance between both feet and holding it for 10 seconds is crucial. Repeat the same exercise 20 times, and perform two to three sets for the best results.

Raised Toe Resistance

Sit in a chair, allowing you to lift your feet for 6 inches from the ground. Raise your toe as high as possible from the ground and place your feet parallel to the ground.

Individuals can also increase the stress using their hands with repetitions for 10 seconds. Repeat five repetitions per foot.

Towel Grip and Pull

You need a fresh towel for this exercise after an Epsom Soak. Next, place your feet on the towel and scrunch the towel with your fingers to pull the towel closer. Maintain the tension on your feet for 10 seconds, and then relax. Repeat the process on alternating feet and do it for 3-5 minutes.

Bottom Line

Finding the best exercises for bunions can strengthen your tendons, feet, and ankles. It is a quick and effective method to reduce muscle imbalance and promote better health. It’s best to learn about Bunions Marietta if you still have more questions and concerns. 

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