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5 Tips For A Healthy Pedicure From A Podiatrist

5 Tips For A Healthy Pedicure From A Podiatrist
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5 Tips For A Healthy Pedicure From A Podiatrist

As a podiatrist in Marietta Georgia, I know many of my patients love to pamper their feet with pedicures. Generally, there is nothing wrong with this. But, many people do not always take the right precautions before these treatments.

Here are my five top tips to keep in mind when getting pedicures.

5 Tips for Getting a Healthy Pedicure from A Podiatrist Marietta, GA

Tip #1: Don’t shave your legs before the pedicure

Each time we shave, razors create tiny tears in our skin – which may not be visible to the naked eye. As a result, we are more vulnerable to infection because bacteria can enter through the open skin.

Also, shaving can remove the thin layer of skin that protects the legs. This increases the likelihood of irritation from lotions and creams.

My best advice here is to skip shaving 24 hours before and after your pedicure.

Tip #2: Verify that your pedicurist rinses and disinfects foot tubs

If you don’t know the following anecdote, then it’s worth a read:

In 2000, over 100 women in California contracted a bacterial infection via infested pedicure tubs.

The lesson here is to ensure that your pedicurist cleanses and disinfects foot tubs. Disinfectants take effect about 10 minutes after application so take that into consideration.

Also, reduce your chance of infection by avoiding the bubbles in the foot tubs. The jets in the whirlpool bath tend to be a breeding ground for infection. If you have a cut and come into contact with bacteria from a previous client at the station, you could get infected.

My recommendation is to opt for “pipeless” foot baths. At the very least, ask your pedicurist to use individual bath liners for each client.

Another important tip – if you enjoy foot baths, then try to schedule your pedicure for earlier in the day. This is usually when tubs tend to be the cleanest.

Tip #3: Bring your own pedicure kit

To reduce the risk of infection, I recommend that patients being their own pedicure tools. Take the time to properly sterilize and disinfect these tools after each use. To do this effectively, scrub the tools with soap and water. Then, soak them in a disinfecting solution for about ten minutes before drying.

Tip #4: Cut with care

It’s common for pedicurists to cut cuticles during a pedicure. Yet, cuticle cutting will only lead to thicker cuticles. Instead, ask the pedicurist to push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher. It’s a similar story with calluses, which are often removed with razors. The unfortunate truth is that razors will only cause the calluses to grow back much thicker. For safe callus removal, ask the pedicurist to use a pumice stone

When clipping your toenails, ask the pedicurist to clip them straight across – not in a rounded or v shape. This helps to avoid ingrown toenails which can lead to infections.

Tip #5: Don’t hide toenail fungus with nail polish

When you paint toenail fungus with nail polish, it creates a seal around the infection. This seal tends to lock in the germs and moisture. As a result, it can worsen the condition as fungi tend to love warm and moist environments. If you are dealing with toenail fungus, it’s best to see your foot doctor for treatment.

For more tips on maintaining healthy feet, contact Advanced Foot And Ankle Institute of Georgia, your local podiatrist in Marietta Georgia.

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