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Why Do My Feet Sweat So Much? Common Causes

Why Do My Feet Sweat So Much? Common Causes
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Why Do My Feet Sweat So Much? Common Causes

Having sweaty cold feet causes a lot of discomfort. It isn’t just because of the smell or the sensation. It can also cause bacteria fungus to grow leading to athlete’s foot.

Sure, the humidity in Georgia is a contributor to sweat and athlete’s foot in Marietta. However, there’s much more to it.

And it’s very frustrating to constantly wonder “why are my feet sweating so much?” So if you’ve been noticing excess sweat in your shoes or socks, then here’s what you should know about the causes and what to do about it.

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“Why Do My Feet Sweat So Much?” Here Are The Top Reasons

There are a number of factors that can contribute to sweaty feet, such as:

Poor Footwear

Tight fitting footwear or non-breathable materials can cause that moist feeling. So when someone comes to their foot doctor and asks “why do my feet sweat so much in shoes” then this is one of the first things to investigate.

It increases the temperature around your foot while not providing enough aeration for the sweat to evaporate.

Anxiety and Hormones

When you’re stressed, you tend to sweat more than when you’re relaxed. So if you’ve been experiencing a shift in hormones or stress levels, this could be a major factor.

And it can happen even if you air your feet out. So if you’ve been asking yourself “why do my feet sweat so much in sandals” then it could be hormonal in nature.


Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating in the feet. If you’re one of the 5% of people that has this condition, then you need to find a way to manage your feet in order for them to prevent excess sweating.

Sweat is one of the contributors to athlete’s foot. So if you suffer from hyperhidrosis, it’s important to see an expert specializing in treating athlete’s foot in Marietta as soon as you can.

That being said, what are your options for reducing sweaty feet?

Fixing Sweaty Feet

Here’s how to stop asking “why do the bottoms of my feet feel wet” and start enjoying total foot comfort:

1.  Thorough Washing

You need to wash your feet every single day with warm water and soap. You should wash them with a scrubbing motion for at least 30 seconds to 2 minutes per foot.

Make sure to wash the bottom of your feet and between the toes as well as these are often neglected areas where fungal infections like athlete’s foot can occur.

Use antifungal powders. Use antifungal powders in your socks, shoes, and bare feet when possible. Change socks frequently. You should try to change out your socks at least once and even as often as two or three times a day.

This is particularly true if you’re noticing that you may have excess sweating.

2. Change Out Your Shoes

The more breathable your shoes, the better. This lets air reach your feet which can reduce overall sweating and also better evaporate the sweating that does occur.

3. See A Professional Podiatrist

Professional foot doctor can create a foot care plan for you that decreases your overall sweat. They can also diagnose potential issues that may be the true cause of your sweaty feet.

In some situations, they may be able to help you with prescription medicine that reduces overall sweating.

Foot Care in Marietta

Sweaty feet can be caused by a number of issues. However, if you’re constantly on your feet or compressing your feet, this doesn’t just cause excess sweat.

The same conditions that cause your feet to sweat can also be indicative of overworking your legs, ankles, or feet.

This is the case there may be larger issues looming that you need to be aware of. For that reason, it’s important to consult with a professional foot doctor to prevent and cure uncomfortable conditions.

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