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The Cavovarus Deformity

The Cavovarus Deformity
Meet Dr. Fui Dawson

Cavovarus foot combines the challenges of high arch, or cavus with an inward facing heel or

varus. The condition is closely associated with several neurologic conditions and may be

inherited or acquired. Cavovarus foot impacts gait and may cause calluses on the foot and pain

with walking. It also increases vulnerability to stress fractures, ankle sprains and weakness. Our

Atlanta podiatrist can help you understand this condition and work with you to develop an

appropriate treatment plan.

Diagnosis of cavovarus deformity

The condition can affect one or both feet. Cavovarus deformity is not evident at birth but

becomes so with age, and is progressive. A common indicator is an arch that is noticeably high

with standing. In fact, the height of the arch may be such that finding shoes that fit well is


During your appointment our Board certified Atlanta podiatrist will review your medical history and examine the impacted foot. We will evaluate your walking pattern and footfall. Cavovarus deformity

frequently causes undue pressure on the heel and ball of the foot. Muscle testing will be

performed as rigidity of the foot will dictate treatment plans. Neurological testing may also be

performed as a part of the exam.

Commonly associated conditions include:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Charcot-Marie- Tooth
  • Spinal cord lesions
  • Polio
  • Stroke

Treatment of cavovarus deformity

The treatment plan will depend on the severity of the condition. Mild cases can be effectively

managed with orthotics that better balance footfall. Ankle and foot bracing are also options.

Cases that are more severe or do not respond to the initial treatment approach may be addressed

with surgery to release ligaments and reposition the affected bones. Surgical approaches are

developed individually as considerations can vary greatly.

Our Atlanta podiatrist has extensive experience treating all conditions of the foot and ankle. We

work with adults and children to develop treatment plans that relieve discomfort and improve

quality of life. If you have cavovarus deformity, or any concerns about your ankles or feet, we

can help.

Give us a call today to schedule your convenient appointment. Our friendly, professional staff is

ready to answer your questions and help you start feeling better as soon as possible.

Visiting a podiatrist in Marietta is your best course of action, so don’t wait long; contact us now.

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