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Pediatric Flatfoot Deformities

Pediatric Flatfoot Deformities
Meet Dr. Fui Dawson

Pediatric flatfoot describes the condition in which the arch of the foot has either not developed or

has developed but suffered collapse in full or in part. Many children will not experience

symptoms, but some will. In these cases it is important to consult an experienced professional so

that activities of daily living are not disrupted by pain or discomfort. Our Atlanta podiatrist can


What to look for with pediatric flatfoot deformities

Flatfoot looks like it sounds. When the foot makes contact with the floor the little bridge or

upward curve in the middle of the foot that would be created by the arch is not present. The full

surface of the foot is on the floor. All babies have flatfeet and there is no cause for concern. As

children move beyond toddlerhood, problems may arise. Particularly if flatfoot runs in your

family and/or your child is experiencing pain with normal activities such as walking, running or

standing, it is a good idea to schedule a consultation. We combine years of experience with the

latest imaging technology for the most complete assessment picture.

Experienced Atlanta Podiatrist

At Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia we want to be your partner in maintaining your

child’s best foot and ankle health. Your consultation will include a review of your family history,

your child’s activities as well as when and where he or she is experiencing pain or discomfort.

Knee, hip and back pain are often secondary symptoms of pediatric flatfoot. During the

examination we will also observe your child’s feet while sitting, standing, walking and running.

Have your child bring the shoes she uses most often to include an evaluation of wear on the


Parents should be alert to complaints of discomfort with physical activity, swelling or tenderness

in the lower extremities, awkward gait and fitting issues with shoes. Children may also

experience problems with posture, heal spurs or heel pain. Treatment is available. Some options

you can discuss with our Atlanta podiatrist include:

  •  Orthotics – we can help you determine if over the counter or custom shoe inserts are the

right option.

  • Changes in activity – we can recommend modifications to current activities.
  • Supportive footwear – we can help you choose footwear that is appropriate for your

child’s unique needs.

  • Physical therapy – stretching exercises can help some children with flatfoot pain.
  • Pain relievers – we may recommend over the counter, anti-inflammatory products such as


  • Surgery – in rare cases, surgery is indicated.

Our Atlanta podiatrist has years of experience with treating conditions of the foot and ankle,

including pediatric flatfoot deformity. All treatment options are planned in consultation with

parents and based on each child’s unique needs. Contact The Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia to get in touch with a qualified podiatrist in Marietta.

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