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Nerve Entrapment: Neuromas of the Foot & Ankle

Nerve Entrapment: Neuromas of the Foot & Ankle
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If you are experiencing burning, pain, tingling or discomfort on the ball of your foot you may

have a neuroma. Neuromas are best treated early, before nerve damage worsens or becomes

permanent. Talk with our Atlanta podiatrist to understand your systems and start a treatment

plan. Learn more about the causes, symptoms and treatment options.

Causes of Neuroma

There are three primary causes of neuromas.

1. Ill-fitting shoes – Narrow shoes that force the toes unnaturally into the toe box can lead to


2. Repetitive pounding or pressure, such as with running.

3. Trauma – Injury to the area can also lead to neuromas.

Neuromas are more common among people with foot problems like bunions, hammertoes and

flat feet. Women runners may also be at greater risk.

Symptoms of Neuroma

As mentioned earlier, symptoms of neuromas include pain and tingling at the ball of the foot. As

the nerve tissue thickens you may begin to feel as if something is in your shoe. Symptoms of

neuromas worsen over time. Early intervention is important as it can greatly reduce the need for

surgery. Without intervention mild, temporary discomfort eventually gives way to permanent

nerve damage.


Our Atlanta podiatrist has experience treating all conditions of the foot and ankle. If you suspect

you have a neuroma, or any other podiatric difficulty, give us a call. We will use information

about your medical history and activities to understand the onset of the problem. A physical

examination will give us more information about your pain level, symptoms and the condition of

your feet. In some cases, imaging or other tests may be required. Our goal is to draw a complete

picture for the most accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Treatment options for neuroma

Discomfort from mild neuromas can be managed with over the counter, anti-inflammatory pain

relievers. You may also experience some relief with padding or icing of the affected area. Our

Atlanta podiatrist will also talk with you about changing behaviors that led to the neuroma. For

example, you may need to forego shoes that contribute to the problem or modify your running


More advanced neuromas or neuromas that have not responded to conservative treatment

approaches may be addressed with surgery. Our  Board Certified-Atlanta podiatrist can help you consider the options and decide on the right one for you. If you have any concerns about your feet or ankles,

give us a call today. Early intervention is critical for better long term outcomes.

Contact The Advanced Foot and Ankle Institute of Georgia to get in touch with a qualified podiatrist in Marietta.

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