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Plantar (foot) warts are uncomfortable and sometimes painful benign skin growths caused by certain types of human papilloma virus (HPV).  There are several types of HPV viruses which can cause warts in different areas of the body including face, genital areas, mouth, fingers and foot. Plantar warts, the warts that occur on the foot, could be spread from one person to the other by touching infected parts of the skin or walking barefoot in communal areas such as swimming pool floors, locker rooms etc.


Warts differ from calluses in that they contain tiny blood vessels which bleed when disrupted or pared down. Sometimes, the immune system is able to ward off warts. At other times, medical treatment may be required. For proper identification and characterization, a biopsy of the wart may be necessary. Treatment options for warts can include chemical destruction, cryosurgery (freezing off the warts), surgical removal, application of salicylic acid treatments or tape occlusion.


If you believe you have warts, it may be necessary to seek medical advice from a qualified health professional to have this properly diagnosed and treated.

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