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Looking for a Podiatrist?

Looking for a Podiatrist?
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Looking for a Podiatrist?

Are you suffering from a bunion or other foot and ankle related ailment and live in Marietta, GA? If so, you should book an appointment with a foot doctor, also known as a podiatrist, that can help you resolve this medical issue as soon as possible. To help you find the right type of podiatrist in Marietta, GA, here are a few things to consider:

What are the credentials of the foot doctor?

Prior to booking an appointment with any medical professional such as a foot doctor, you should make sure that he or she has the proper credentials to deal with your foot and ankle disorder. A few key things to keep in mind when looking for a podiatrist would be:

Formal Education and Training:

A highly qualified podiatrist typically completes four years of educational training at a podiatric medical school. In addition, he or she also completes three years of hospital residency training to obtain hands-on, practical experience treating a variety of patients with foot and ankle disorders. That is why it is absolutely important to make sure that the foot doctor you trust with your care has the letters “DPM” after his or her name. This ensures that you are seeing a podiatrist that has completed the required level of training and is eminently qualified to care for you

Board Certification:

In addition to medical school and residency, the most highly qualified podiatrists also obtain board certification by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery or the American Board of Podiatric Medicine. This typically means that the podiatrist has obtained a higher level of training and clinical experience in specific foot and ankle disorders

Continuing Education:

We don’t always acquire everything we need to learn from school. In fact, it’s sensible to assume that there will always be new tools and techniques that will be developed relating to patient care even after a foot doctor’s formal education. A foot doctor that continues to further his or her education is obviously one that is interested in learning all he or she can to continue to grow and deliver the very best in patient care

What are other people saying about the foot doctor?

One of the greatest benefits of the internet is that it provides us with a lot more information than we would have had otherwise. A few years ago, it was difficult to know what level of patient care we would receive by visiting a particular foot doctor — not so anymore. Nowadays, we can read patient reviews and testimonials to get an honest assessment of a foot doctor as it relates to bedside manner, wait times, the ability to treat our disorders etc. Obviously, the more positive an evaluation the foot doctor has from previous patients, the better.

How quickly can you get an appointment?

Many of us are running at 100 miles an hour and don’t have a lot of time to waste. Wouldn’t you rather get rid of your foot and ankle disorder as soon as possible so that you can get on with the rest of your life? If you live in Marietta, GA, that means meeting with a podiatrist near you who has availability to see you as soon as possible. In addition, it helps when you can easily book an appointment online that corresponds with your availability.

With a highly qualified podiatrist as well as great patient reviews and an easy way to book appointments (including Saturday appointments) it should be your first stop when looking for a podiatrist in Marietta, GA.

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